‘Tis the Season {Part 2}

December 22, 2009

While my tree has been finished for quite some time now, a few computer and camera mishaps have delayed its debut until now. I have only temporarily solved the computer issue, but I am back to finish where we left off. Here is the previous post to catch you up.

Let’s just jump right into it. Here’s our usualĀ silver/white/red themed Christmas tree. And you all know from Part 1 of this post that we were feeling a little “Martha Stewart-y” this year. Adding a few DIY ornaments and pine cones to the mix.

Now for a more detailed project breakdown:

I chose to use the simple, clear glass ornaments. Spread a little glue on the top of the ornament and then sprinkle it with white glitter. Viola. A charming little ornament that looks like its coated with fluffy snow.

Brandon chose to get a little more fancy. He used the plain red ornaments, glitter and glue to add a little holiday sparkle to his ornaments.

Next, the pine cones. Some of them got all glitzed and glamorous with a little glue, glitter and ribbon to be hung as ornaments.

While others got coated with spray snow and simply placed on the branches all throughout the tree.

Even with the pine cones being so subtle, I love the added depth and wintery feel they bring to the tree.

Our acorns that we gathered were made into a garland. We drilled holes in each one and then used a needle and thread to string them together. Once completed, it measured 24 feet long! Yet, it was just big enough to fit around a tiny 3 foot tree Brandon uses at his house. (I don’t have a picture of it right now, but maybe Brandon can figure out how to post one in a link in a comment box? Or if I get a chance, I will try to do so)

The last project was actually thought of and created yesterday after being inspired from many bare branch “trees” I’ve seen in magazines and online. Like these two from Canadian House and Home:

It’s like a little ode to the Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

Back to ours. We went out to the backyard, clipped some branches and scrounged up some of the leftover pine cones and other random items we collected from our nature outings. We also found a cylindrical vase for only $4 at Wal-Mart and some half-off ornaments at Michael’s. Gotta love the four-days-before-Christmas-deals.

While I love the frosted snow look on the first picture posted from Canadian House and Home, I was glad to find a home for the rest of our unused pine cones. We also think it would look incredibly wonderful with a small strand of white lights in the vase to give it even more of a Christmas tree feel.

Well, there you have it folks. Easy, inexpensive ways to bring a little more holiday cheer to your home. Most of these projects cost little to nothing and can easily be made with things you already have lying around (inside or outside) your house.


2 Responses to “‘Tis the Season {Part 2}”

  1. So gorgeous! Thanks so much for stopping by with a link. We loooooove all of your amazing DIY ornaments!

    s (& j)

    • dreamerblogs Says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to check it out and comment! It means a lot… really. This whole blogging thing is really new and comments, while few and far between, are always appreciated!

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